Performance and Retention

Performance and Retention

What is it?

While recruitment, hiring and onboarding initiatives remain critical to supporting increased Veteran employment, an equally important component of this effort is effective management and retention strategies.  Measures may include employee education programs about military experience, policies and programs for those with Reserve or National Guard obligations, or enhanced performance feedback programs.  Also important is effective alignment between Veterans’ skills, abilities and interests and the requirements of their new role.  These initiatives and others would yield improved retention rates for Veterans and would benefit all employees in the organization.

Why is it useful? 

Studies have found that Veteran-focused retention strategies and the tracking of post-hire metrics have not been embraced by most employers.  Evidence from Veteran Jobs Mission Coalition member organizations indicates that implementing and aligning retention strategies with recruitment initiatives positively benefits Veteran employees and the firm as a whole.

Who would use it?

  • Senior leaders establishing strategies to actively tailor management of Veteran hires in order to maximize retention.
  • Managers who wish to support the career development of their Veteran employees.
  • Human Resource professionals who want to align their recruitment, hiring, and onboarding practices with retention strategies in order to improve employee satisfaction and reduce turnover.