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About the Mission

It began in 2011 as the 100,000 Jobs Mission, with 11 leading companies committed to hiring 100,000 veterans by 2020. Since then, the coalition has evolved to 250+ leading member companies that represent virtually every industry in the U.S. economy. The coalition has been renamed the Veteran Jobs Mission and has collectively hired about 750,000 veterans.


"There are always ways to find people or train people or help people. We have to compete for workers. The military is a great place to find talent. [In the military] they learn how to show up. How to be a team. How to respond. If they don’t do their job, someone could be seriously injured. They learn logistics, communication, sharing ideas, analyzing reports, cybersecurity. Give them a chance."


Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Building on this momentum and reflective of the significant contributions veterans have made to the companies that have hired them, the Veteran Jobs Mission raised its goal to hiring 1 million U.S. military veterans. Beyond their ongoing search for top military talent, Veteran Jobs Mission members continue to increase their focus on retention and career development for veterans in the private sector. Members are expected to report veteran hires on a quarterly basis, attend meetings and share best practices relating to the veteran employment initiatives.

The coalition is recognized as a best-in-class organization that provides opportunities for members to network with like-minded organizations and thought leaders who are making an impact.