Iron Mountain Incorporated

Iron Mountain Incorporated (NYSE: IRM) is a leading provider of storage and information management services. The company’s real estate network of over 64 million square feet across more than 1,000 facilities in 35 countries allows it to serve customers with speed and accuracy. And its solutions for records management, data backup and recovery, document management, and secure shredding help organizations to lower storage costs, comply with regulations, recover from disaster, and better use their information for business advantage. Founded in 1951, Iron Mountain stores and protects billions of information assets, including business documents, backup tapes, electronic files and medical data. Visit for more information.

Harry Ebbighausen President, North America, Iron Mountain Incorporated

“Our military veterans make invaluable contributions to our company’s success. They focus on the mission. They put the team first. And they take accountability. We are extremely grateful for their service—both to our country and company. And we are proud to hire them and their fellow servicemen and women as a founding member of the JP Morgan Chase 100,000 Jobs initiative.”

President, North America