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Randstad’s Veteran Center of Excellence is a cutting-edge approach to veteran employment, moving beyond traditional veteran recruiting models. We don't just source and place Veterans exiting the Military. We offer a full suite of workforce solutions - direct hire to contingent - MRP to MSP, talent development models, and a uniquely created ecosystem that allows us to be the center of supply and demand for military-affiliated talent. We can source highly skilled, ready-to-work Veteran talent or we can build highly trainable quality emerging talent teams. It’s our ecosystem of partners, training, skilling, and talent pipeline that gives us this unique advantage. A comprehensive Veteran Recruiting and staffing program won’t just place candidates but offers a full suite of training and professional development opportunities. Like Diversity initiatives, company-wide engagement to integrate military veterans into the very fabric of an organization is required. We support our Client's Veteran hiring initiatives in three unique ways:

1. Diversity: If you are looking for a long-term plan to increase the number of Veterans or the holistic diversity mix across gender, ethnicity, and disability, working with the VCOE to build a deep veteran population is a sure-fire way to progress forward.

2. In-Demand Skill Sets: Our ecosystem gives us very unique access to candidates exiting the military and exiting training and education programs with the skills you are looking for

3. Upskilling and Certification Programs: If you are looking for ways to build or access upskilling or skill development at a program or project level - you can leverage programs we have built in the VCOE to reach reskilled and re-deployable talent across a broad spectrum of diverse audiences, including Veteran talent